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Real Life 1; S&R 0

So, remember way back, a month and a half ago, when I proudly announced that I was determined to finish the second draft of Search and Rescue by the end of March (or possibly the end of April), and that I’d update on my progress every week?

Yeah. So.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, Real Life got in the way.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to my author’s blog.

This blog is all about my writing; including posts about my writing process, about my books, about interesting facts I’ve discovered while researching, and whatever else you can think of to do with writing. It’s also a point of contact for any readers of my books who want to communicate with me, ask me questions, etc. (And while I haven’t had any books published as of Sept. 2015, I’m hoping to get my first one published within the next six months.)

At the moment, this blog is fairly empty, but come Nov. 2015 (and my eighth NaNoWriMo), I should be posting more on it.

So, welcome, and be merry!

Trudy A. Goold