Search and Rescue: Update CampNaNo 3

So… it’s been a few weeks. Sorry about that….

I’ve been having some trouble with getting the writing done this month, so as a result, I ended up changing my Camp NaNoWriMo goal to 10,000 words, rather than 35,000.

And I am pleased to say that this goal, I actually managed to achieve!

I (just about 10 minutes ago) hit 10,009 words for CampNaNo, and I have plans to get at least a bit more writing done tonight. (Probably not a lot, but some.)

Wins this month:

  • I managed to get partway through Chp. 10! (Admittedly, Chp. 9 still needs some work, but I got to Chp. 10 and through some of it, and that’s the important part!)
  • I got over 10,000 words written this month!
  • I have a better idea now of how the climax is going to play out (because that needed some changes as well, due to the changes in Chps. 2-10).
  • I managed to write at least a bit (even if it was just “I can’t think of anything to write today”) every day. Habit forming time!

So, overall, things didn’t go too badly. I am somewhat off track for my plans of finishing the rewrite by the end of April, but I’ve still got the rest of spring and all summer to work with, before serious editing starts. I will do my best to keep this blog updated (even if it’s only a 1 post/month update), so I make sure that my progress gets documented.

šŸ™‚ Trudy

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