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Medical Marvel: Bioglass

So, because I’m a science-fiction writer, I try to stay at least semi-abreast of interesting (and new) scientific discoveries/creations. After all, the more “real world” elements I can have in the background of a story, the easier it is for readers to suspend their disbelief and just enjoy the story I’ve written. So I may end up putting particularly fascinating facts up here for those interested.

Both my father and one of my best friends (C. R. Chancy/crossoverqueen) like certain news sites (BBC and Daily Science respectively), and share what looks interesting. And today’s post is about one of those.

BBC: The best way to fix broken bones might be with glass

A fascinating article about a type of glass called “bioglass”, which has already started making a difference as a medical material to help with problems with bones. There are now three different “types” of bioglass – the brittle type whose traits we tend to think of when we think of “glass”; a flexible and “bouncy” type that may help with broken leg bones (the article explains why and how); and a type that has a rubbery texture, that they hope will help with the repair of cartilage. (The article calls that “the holy grail of orthopaedic surgery”.)

It’s a fascinating article, and one to make us think.

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