Search and Rescue: Update 1

Hey, everyone, it’s the Week 1 update on Search and Rescue!

As it turns out, I had finished Chp. 8 and got a few paragraphs into Chp. 9 previously (I was just halfway through Chp. 8 for several years, and forgot I’d finished that one up), so that’s a bit less that I have to get re-written!

This past week has involved re-reading what I have already written, and also poking at the first draft to see bits I want to keep, or to keep slightly modified, and little bits and pieces of information that I dropped in the first draft that I want to slip into the re-write in some way or another.

And I just realized, I don’t even have the summary of Search and Rescue up on this blog! That has to change.

Brendan Saunders is a Search and Rescue telepath currently assigned to Tethys. Ryuunosuke Kitagawa is a Security telepath, fleeing the destruction of the Top Secret project he was assigned to. Together, they have to deal with Ryuu’s pursuers, and find out who was responsible for the destruction of the project in question.

Unfortunately, Brendan has reasons to not care for Security agents….

Summary, Search and Rescue by Trudy A. Goold

There we go! Now you know what I’m talking about!

(Admittedly, I’ll probably add a little more to the summary before I get it published, but this is essentially what it’s been since I first conceived of the idea.)

Oh, and in case anyone is curious about my inspiration for the idea…. I first came up with it based on the Babylon 5 RPG filk song Annie’s Luck, from the Echo’s Children CD As Good As Any. It referenced a telepath helping with Search & Rescue, and my brain went: Oh, now there’s an idea!

So, this coming week, I’m going to try to finish up the prelim work, and actually get to writing! I’m hoping to get at least halfway through – if not all the way through – Chp. 9 by next week. Cheer me on, folks!

🙂 Trudy A. Goold

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