Search and Rescue: Update CampNaNo 2

So, second week of Camp NaNo is here. I’ve managed to write at least a bit every day; I haven’t been writing the daily word count goal, unfortunately, but I’m still making progress.

Chp. 9 is being quite difficult, so I’m doing some skipping around with it, and planning to go back to fill in the gaps later. I’ve also done some planning in terms of how I want the rest of the story to go, which might be part of why Chp. 9 is so difficult – it’s a pause of sorts in the action, and my PlotBunnies want to get to the rest of the stuff! (Plus, figuring out what to do about the serious second degree burns covering the protagonist’s entire back, as well as the back of his arms and legs, when he can’t use the drug that helps speed up the healing of soft tissue damage because of allergies, has also been difficult.)

I’m hoping that by skipping through the parts of the chapter that the Plot Bunnies don’t want to deal with, I’ll be able to start writing more each day, but this month hasn’t been off to the greatest start in the first place, so….

Well, here’s hoping that the next week goes well on the writing front and on the not hurting myself any more front! (Spending the eclipse on the ground because I tripped, because my bad ankle twisted, trying to move over to a rock so that I could stand up, was not fun. Got some nice shadow pictures, but still.)

🙂 Trudy

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